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I went through post of people talking about verifiers getting contacted. It truly does appear to be random. I saw someone getting 3 contacted but not getting in. Saw someone get contacted last minute

Remo please -__- 

Crazy to think that there's so many people creeping this forum, anxiously awaiting to hear back from uofc, and very likely some/most of your lives will instantly change the second that admissions emai

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1 minute ago, boymama20 said:

You all keep posting in here and my anxiety just keeps raising every time I look and see a new post in this group. No matter what we hear today, make sure you all do a little self care tonight!

omg sorry haha that is definitely not my intention. It is honestly calming mine a bit to post here and talk to everyone. 10000% agreed with the self care!

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For those of you who are at work, you will see congratulations in your preview (obviously no congratulations for unfortunate news...), so if you don't wanna know the result until you get home, I advise not to open the email app if you can help it.. lol 

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Hi all,

Current MD student at UofC.

Just wanted to drop by and say that regardless of the outcome today, you should all be very proud getting this far, especially with the current events of the last year.  Do not take a rejection personally, as I have been previously rejected myself. Even if you do not get in this cycle, I believe you will all accomplish big things.

Also, the emails do tend to take awhile, and I recall getting my acceptance rather late.

Regardless, remember to practice self care, and be proud of your accomplishments thus far!

Although I am curious, is Dr. P still sending out the emails or is it a new individual?


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