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On 5/2/2021 at 10:52 PM, djw901uj-9dju1 said:

FYI - I read all of the premed101 discussion threads and all of the r/premedcanada threads about the button/red box from last year.


From what I understand from last year's posts, if you applied to McMaster and HAD the reset button you were put on their WL.

If you DIDN'T HAVE the reset button you were either rejected or accepted from Mac.

If you didn't interview at McMaster you didn't have the reset button.


I'm not sure if this will hold true for this year since they mentioned they had "fixed it". But I guess we will see.


Also, the presence or absence of the reset button were made 1-2 days prior to the OMSAS release day last year (this was the case for most pple), so maybe by the 9th we could see if these trends are meaningful or not.

Hope this helps



#buttongate from last year

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6 minutes ago, reginageorge said:

so are we assuming that the reset responses button means WL or R? :( I am going to cry

I wouldn’t read much into the button post-D-day regarding ButtonGate theories. It came and went before last year’s D-day before showing up for its intended purpose when the time came. Could be wrong, but I doubt the same glitch would happen two years in a row that specifically. Unless some folks have it and others don’t even now? 

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